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Best of Couture Day 4

Elie Saab/ Elie Saab

"Royally opulent silhouettes appear from between the columns of the Palais Brongniart," Elie Saab's program announced. But that's only half right. It wasn't the silhouettes that were opulent; by couture standards the construction of the gowns was quite simple. Corseted bodices were far outnumbered by softer, draped styles, and the designer opened with what was essentially a floor-length T-shirt dress, albeit in tulle embellished all over with crystals." (

A sparkling affair, literally. When it came to sequins, Elie Saab practiced no restraint for his fall couture collection. The Lebanese designer densely scattered ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green ones on practically every inch of silk, mousseline and lace he could get his needle on. Many of these heavily embroidered gowns had a regal feel (a nod to the recent flurry of royal weddings, jubilees and inaugurations, perhaps?), but Saab effectively managed to offer a fresh and modern take with geometric shoulder cutouts that extended diagonally on the back.” (WWD)


Elie Saab told The Telegraph that his atelier has 500 seamstresses – compared to 120 at mega Couture house Dior – and it showed. Dramatic in the most sophisticated of ways, the eveningwear-focused collection was broken up by color and it included saturated red, emerald, blue and neutral tones.” (Thefashionspot)

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